The first card registration for 10 countries includes: United Kingdom, Russia, United States of America, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, Japan.

Each country can register 2000 Visa cards for its members.

When having enough 2000 cards, Unicorn Fintech will carry out legal procedures with the bank in that country through a service unit to issue Visa cards to members.

This Visa card will be very important for members using the Unicorn blockchain technology, please contact your sponsor directly to get a registration code.

Unicorn Visa card

Unicorn Visa card is used exclusively for transactions on OnesPay digital asset exchange – an official and legal form of payment for Unicorn. All Unicorn related transactions will later operate through the OnesPay portal and the Unicorn Visa card.

Support cooperation with card accepting units, covering many areas such as supporting cardholders from abroad, promotion support for card accepting units and security / technical support.

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